Men’s Price Guide

Barber Services

Please note prices are shown are as a guide only, and may vary slightly depending on the stylist, hair/beard length & thickness. Online booking available.

Mens Price Guide from
Gents Cut £       19.50
Skin Fade  £      21.00
All Over Clippers £       13.50
Restyle £       24.00
Flat Top £       23.00
Senior Cut (65 & over) £        16.50
Boys Cut (Under 16)  £       14.50
Boys Cut (Under 5)  £       13.50
Beard Trim (without Haircut) £        11.00
Traditional Wet Shave  £       21.00
Add-Ons   these can be bolted on to any styling service
Shampoo  £         4.00
Beard Trim  £         6.50
Long Hair Supplement  £         6.00

We also offer colours & perms – starting from £45. Please call us for prices and booking availability. Consultation & skin test required for all technical services.

Please Note – Prices shown are intended as a guide only and may vary slightly from those shown above, depending on the stylist, hair length or thickness – which can affect the time taken to carry out the service.

Some stylists are independent contractors & their prices may vary from those above.

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