Mens Price Guide

Barber Services

Please note prices are shown are as a guide only, and may vary slightly depending on the stylist, hair/beard length & thickness.

We are Accredited by the British Barbers Association.

Mens Price Guide from
Scissor Cut & Dry £15.50
Clipper Cut (up to & including foil fade) £17.50
Wash, Cut & Dry £19.50
Restyle £21.00
Flat Top £19.50
All-Over Clipper £11
Beard Trim £8.00
Hair & Beard Trim (combined discount) £22.50
Traditional Wet Shave, inc. hot towel £17.50
Boys (under 16) £14.50
  • 10% Student Discount (only with valid student card)
  • We also offer colours & perms. Please call us for prices.

Please Note – Prices shown are intended as a guide only and may vary slightly from those shown above, depending on the stylist, hair length or thickness.  A long/thick hair supplement may be applied. Prices are subject to change at any time.